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AKVIS All Plugins 2013 Multilingual Update 04.11.2013-< NEW >>

Раздел: | 16 ноября 2013

AKVIS All Plugins 2013 Multilingual Update 04.11.2013

AKVIS All Plugins 2013 Multilingual Update 04.11.2013-< NEW >>

AKVIS All Plugins 2013 Multilingual Update 04.11.2013| 1,2 GB

AKVIS All Plugins 2013 will make you the artist, restorer, a magician and a creative person . When you first turn the program AKVIS, a surprisingly simple interface box and 5-6 buttons when you hover over them exhaustively talk about their functions .

AKVIS All Plugins 2013 Multilingual

List of plug-ins
AKVIS AirBrush 2.0 allows you to turn a photo into a drawing in the art airbrush . The program acts as an art filter , changing the image and turning it into a aerographic pattern according to your preferences.

AKVIS ArtSuite 10.0 helps to give the photos an original and festive look .
The program allows you to create a greeting card, a holiday album, a poster or a calendar , place the image in the frame to turn a color photo into a modern stylized black and white portrait, and even make color correction.
Methods of processing images in ArtSuite divided into two groups: Scope and Effects.

AKVIS ArtWork 8.0 - the ideal solution , combining art and high technology. Artificial intelligence plays the role of the artist . The transformation happens before your eyes, you see , like pictures of a work of art is born !

AKVIS Chameleon 8.0 - a program for those who love to create collages and amazing artistic compositions . Chameleon saves you time and effort, so it does not require precise selection of objects and careful handling of boundaries between insert and background . That is why the program got its name - it is Chameleon , the color fits .

AKVIS Coloriage 9.0 - a program to colorize black-and- white photos and replacing colors on color images.

AKVIS Decorator 3.0 allows you to create a variety of things , from the realistic to the unimaginable.
The program changes the surface of the object , imposes a new texture, while maintaining the volume, shape , folds, shadows of the original image.

AKVIS Enhancer 14.0 - program for processing photos, designed to improve the detail of the image , correcting tone areas and improve the sharpness and contrast of the image borders .

AKVIS HDRFactory 4.0 - program to create images with high dynamic range, and for correcting photos.
recent changes
1. Added Share which allows you to publish images from the program to social services : Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Google+.
2 . Added compatibility with plug-in Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 and Corel PaintShop Pro X6.
3 . Added support for RAW format Mamiya (. MOS) and expanded the list of supported digital cameras from FUJIFILM, Sony, Nikon, etc.
4 . Changed the display options for the Hint (deleted the old yellow style).
5 . Added compatibility with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks .
6. Changed the process of installation of Windows. Now there are two installation files : For Windows 32 -bit and 64 -bit Windows .
7. Fixed minor bugs and glitches interface.

AKVIS LightShop 4.0 - program to add lighting effects to the image .

AKVIS Magnifier 6.0 - software for resizing digital images without loss of quality.

AKVIS MakeUp 3.0 - a program to fix portrait photos.

AKVIS MultiBrush 7.0 - ideal for photo retouching and drawing pictures , remove unwanted parts and adding new ones. The name of the program MultiBrush means many hands . And in fact, it is a laboratory in which you can edit the picture, restore old picture , to finish something on a photo or draw a picture from scratch. The program offers two sets of tools - Standard and Artistic Brushes .

AKVIS NatureArt 5.0 - a collection of unique effects that simulate natural phenomena .

AKVIS Noise Buster 9.0 - program to suppress the digital noise in the image.

AKVIS Refocus 4.0 helps to sharpen the fuzzy , blurry, defocused images . With this program you can correct an entire image or to bring into focus only certain object, select it on the background elements of the plan .

AKVIS Retoucher 6.0 not only removes scratches, stains and other defects from the surface of the picture, he recreates the missing pieces from the neighboring areas of the image .

AKVIS Sketch 15.0 - program to create a picture from a photo .

AKVIS SmartMask 4.5 - a tool to quickly select an object in the image .

Additional Information:
If we update you no longer need the old versions of the updated plug-ins, they can be removed ( with the distribution did not happen) .
Each plugin can be run without a graphical editor, that is as a standalone program .
Added utility (AKVIS Hunter) to automatically click on the Continue when a trial period. Instructions for use are in the folder Crack -> Akvis Hunter.
Utility provided wadimus

The procedure for treatment
Applications for the treatment are in the folder Crack
First - run ReTrial.exe. The window displays the number of remote counters.
2nd - start ReTrialer.exe. The window also displays the number of remote counters. The program also automatically added to startup .
3rd - TrashReg.exe run from the folder Registry Trash Keys Finder, wait for the scan the registry . Find a recording of plug-ins and remove. For x64 systems, and plug-ins click on File - > Switch to 64- bit mode and also wait for the scan and remove entries from the plug-ins.
4th - AKVIS TrialReset.vbs run and wait for the window to the remote meter readings .

Updating the plug-in:
AKVIS HDFactory to version 4.0

System requirements :
Windows 7/Vista/XP 32/64 bit
Core Duo, 2 Gb RAM, 2 Gb HDD; display of 1280x1024 ;
video card: Direct X8 compatible, 128 Mb, color depth 32 bits

Program Version : Assembly of 18 plug-ins in 2013
Official site : www.akvis.com
Treatment: Complete
Type of medicine : ReTrial + ReTrialer + Registry Trash Keys Finder

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